Honda has been known to create a slew of mobility devices. From motorcycles, lawnmowers, passenger cars, and planes, Honda can move a person. Honda’s latest mobility device, the Motocompacto, is an electric scooter that is a really hot item to get. Did you know that Honda had another scooter that predated the Motocompacto, even the Motocompo?

I was perusing Facebook Marketplace as one does late in the evening when a peculiar post caught my eye. A picture of a weathered scooter with the words “Honda Patent Pending. Made in Japan” was written on the side. Opening the listing, there were a few more pictures of this scooter. Initially, I thought this was some cheap knockoff scooter that happened to have Honda lettering.

Picture Credit: Facebook Marketplace

Turns out, the Kick ‘N Go was a legitimate scooter that Honda made for children in the early 1970’s. Unlike the Motocompacto, the Honda Kick ‘N Go uses person power. There is a lever attached to what looks like a chain drive system. The rider presses on the lever, in turn, a little motor is driven by the chain which propels the rider forward. Pretty neat design! Upon doing further research, it seems like the Kick ‘N Go has a pretty strong following. There is a Facebook Group dedicated to this scooter. Like the passenger car, this Honda commands a premium in the second-hand market. Used Kick ‘N Go’s are typically around the $200 mark. Do you think it’s worth the price for a piece of Honda History?

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